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  • China Railway Express

    China Railway Express

    Project Introduction

    The China-Europe trains refer to the international railway intermodal trains, such as containers, which travel between...

  • Cross-border e-commerce

    Cross-border e-commerce

    Project Introduction

    Cross-border e-commerce logistics has the characteristics of small batches, multiple frequencies, and the pursuit of s...

  • China-HongKong(China)


    Project Introduction

    As one of the largest free trade zones in the world, Hong Kong, China, has a local population of 7.5 millions,  p...

  • International Air Freight

    International Air Freight

    Service Content

    Air freight bookings on mainstream global routes, delivery in Europe and the United States, sorting warehouses in the Unite...

  • Sea freight

    Sea freight

    Project Introduction

    For certain routes by sea, conventional products still have advantages. As soon as possible, sea freight has risen exc...

  • Customs clearance agent

    Customs clearance agent

    Service Content

    Features: There are many agency channels, and it has its own customs declaration company with rich experience to help cross...

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  • One- stop international logistics solution provider

    One- stop international logistics solution provider

    Sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, customs declaration, inland transshipment, warehousing, docking with Hayudar one platform to solve all logistics problems.

  • 17 years operational experiences

    17 years operational experiences

    Our company now has a professional team who is proficient in international freight forwarding business, We can design customized solutions according to the freight requirements of customers

  • Strong customs coordination function

    Strong customs coordination capability

    Our company has a strong local customs team focusing on the latest domestic and international tax policies. Rich experience in customs clearance in traditional international trade and cross-border e-commerce.

Hayudar International Co.,LTD. was established in 2005. It always takes "growing together" as its development will and goal. It has been deeply involved in the transportation industry for more than 10 years. Now it has its own freight forwarding company, customs declaration company, import and export agency company, trailer team, etc. Relevant service companies can operate all kinds of international transportation links and businesses in one stop.

Scope of service: Our service spots and reliable partners in various places allow our service network to cover most cities in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. [Details]